The Reality of Worldly life in Light of Ahadeeth

Hadith No.1

It is narrated by Ibne Abbas who said: The Holy Prophet stated: “There are two blessings of God which people do not appreciate properly and for lack of their appreciation, they suffer a tremendous loss; these are good health and leisure. (Bukhari)


Hadith No.2

It is narrated by Mustaurid Bin Shaddad who said: I heard the Prophet of Allah who said: “By Allah this world when compared with the Hereafter, is so little that any one who puts his finger into an ocean and see what that finger brings with it (i.e., how much water moistened the finger).” (Muslim)


Hadith No.3

It is narrated by Jabir that the Prophet of Allah passed by a dead kid whose ears were cut broken. He said: “Who would like to have it for one dirham? (small coin).” The companions replied: “We would not own it for aught/ The Holy Prophet said: “By Allah, this world is more contemptuous in the eyes ot God than this kid is in
yours.” (Muslim)


Hadith No.4

It is narated by Abu Horairah that the Holy Prophet said: “This world is a prison for a true believer and a paradise for the infidel or the disbeliever/” (Muslim)


Hadith No.5

It is narrated by Abu Horairah (R.A) that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “The hell-fire has been covered with lust and carnal desires and the paradise has been overlapped with disagreeable things and calamities.” Whoso overcomes the calamities enters the paradise.


Hadith No.6

It is narrated by Abu Horairah (R.A) that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “Wretched and unfortunate is he who is a slave of dinar and dirham (i.e., wealth) and who is a slave of costly sheet. Whenever he is given (worldly things), he is satisfied; and whenever he is not given, he is displeased. Such a person is indeed miserable and woebegotten. If he gets a pinch of thorn it should not be permitted. If he recommends some one, his recommendation is turn down. (Bukhari)

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