The Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH Character and Qualities


Sayyedinah Ali Ibn Abi Talib was among those nearest to the messenger of Allah who knew him best. He described him thus: He was not coarse or obscene and he did not shout in the market-place. He did not return evil for evil, but was glade to forgive and forget.He did not lay his hands on anyone save in Jihad and he did not strike anybody, neither a servant nor a woman. I never saw him take revenge for any offence as long as it was not violating the honour of Allah. When a limitation set by Allah was violated, however, he would be more enraged than anyone else. Given a choice between two courses he would always choose the easier of the two.

When he entered his house, he bahaved like other men. He cleaned his own garments, milked his goat, and carried out household chores.

He never stood up or sat down without the name of Allah being on his lips. Wherever he went, he would sit at the back of the gathering and he instructed others to do the same. He gave all those who sat with him such attention that they believed that he paid more heed to them than to anyone else. When someone sat with him, he stayed attentive and patient until it was time for that person to depart. When someone asked him for help, he would either give him what he needed or speak kindly to him.

He was always cheerful and tender-hearted. Everyone regarded him as their father, and he treated everyone as equals.

He was the most generous of people, the most truthful, the kindest, and the noblest. Those seeing him for the first time were overawed, but those who knew him well loved him. Someone describing him said, ” I did not see his like before him or after him.”

Allah endowed His Prophet with elegance and grace and bestowed on him love and dignity. Sayyedinah Al-Bara Ibn Azib described him, saying, ‘ The Messenger of Allah was of medium height. I once saw him wearing a red striped robe and I have never seen anything more beautiful than he.’

Sayyedinah Aby Hurayrah described him, saying, ‘ He was on the tall side of medium, with very white skin. His hair was black, and he had excellent front teeth. His eyelashes were long and his shoulders broad. He went on to say, ‘ I have never seen a man like him before or since.’

Sayyedinah Anas said, ‘ I have never touched silk finer or softer than the palm of the Messenger of Allah’s hand; and I have never smelled any scent more fragrant than his natural odour.’


Taken from ” Muhammad the last Prophet a model for all time “

Written by ” Sayyed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi “

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