The description of Prophet Muhammad PBUH by Shaikh Habib Ali Al-Jifri

O Allah, bless be upon Him and bless be to His family, (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) was described by our master; ” Hind Ibn Abi Hala”: who was One of The Prophet Companions, and (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) was described by our master; “Ali Ibn Abi Taleb”: Who was also One of The Prophet Companions, and (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) was described by a number of other Companions, They told us that;

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was (A Rabia’a) of the men; As, He was not too much in tallness, and even not too much in the shortness, He was a Medium-tall, and His body was also a medium-bodiedand and coherent (Peace Be Upon Him).

His face (Peace Be Upon Him) was shining, not with the complete round face, and not with the sharp face, but His face was a little closer to roundedness. So, one of the companions was asked; ” was the face of the Messenger of Allah Prophet muhammad PBUH like the sword?”, they said; “Not! but it was like the moon!” in his shining (Peace Be Upon Him).

His eyes were spacious and so beautiful in the end. His eyes were as if it was cosmetic with Kohl naturally, by the divine power, He was with a Oekhal eyes (Peace Be Upon Him). He was (Adej): His (eye pupil) was very black, and His (sclera) was very white, so His eyes was so clear, PBUH and was over His eyes, PBUH two curved eyebrows, in a very Beautiful-looking, and it was said that; there was a contact between his eyebrows, and it was told that; there was no contact between them, and the reason for this difference, is the light that was between His eyes (Peace Be Upon Him).

There was a vein between his eyes appearing only when if He got angry of something, (Peace Be Upon Him). He was with a long eyelashes, His eyelashes were long, PBUH.

He was with an easy cheek, with a luminous forehead. His color was closer to white, not very white (Albino), and also not with the black, but He was closer to white which mixed with a reddish bloom (Peace Be Upon Him).

He was with a thick beard. His hair was black, and when he has departed from this world, in His (sixty-third) years of age, but the number of white hair that was in His Head and Beard, not to exceed twenty, and it was said to be seventeen, and it was said to be fourteen, and it was said to be only twelve white hair. Mostly located at the His cheek, in His (Anafqah): Hair that is under the bottom lip, and a few in His beard.

He was with a wide and erudite mouth, well spoken if He spoke.

He was with a very white teeth, as if a pearl beads as it was described by His companions, was between His two front teeth a kind of a very simple vacuum, called (Al Falaj), (Peace Be Upon Him). If He smiled, His smile was shining and light (Peace Be Upon Him). If He spoke, as if it was the pearls coming from his words May Allah bless him.

His hair was if He left it would come to his shoulders, and it was said upto His ears, and when it was to His shoulders, He used to cut them, so His hair was between the enormous and the abundance, and if He went to Umrah or Hajj, He would shave His head completely.

His neck was as like “Jedu-Domiah”: His neck was bright and beautiful, as if he was pulled from his clothes, as it was happened when some of the (unbelievers) pulled him with his clothes, say until we saw the effect of the pulling on his neck, and his neck was in the purity of silver (Peace Be Upon Him).

He was with a broad shoulders, and large joint bones, “Covered with Muscles So, he was dignified. If he was coming, those who were watching him would say; as if he was coming in a army, They (Companions) described him saying; who saw him suddenly would prestige him, but who associated him, verily will love him.

When he turned someone who talk with him, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was turning with all of his body, respectful and polite to those who address him.

When he spoke, listened to him all ears and all the companions as if it was on their heads standing the birds, and if prophet muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) talk to someone, he never cut the another speech until he totally finish.

He had hair on the top of His shoulders, and He had no much hair on His chest, but a simple line of hair extending from chest to his pre-navel (Peace Be Upon Him).

When He walked, He was “Tytakfaa” in His walking: like if He was coming down from a slope, without confusion at His walk (Peace Be Upon Him).

We ask Allah Al-mighty to fill our hearts with love of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and eagerness and honored us to see him in the Paradise.


Transcript of a Video Lecture of Shaikh Habib Ali Al-Jifri

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