Importance of Sunnah to follow Quran

Importance of Sunnah: A speech delivered by Mr. Rayan at Al-Hamra Islamic Education Foundation

Verily all praises do to Allah who may we seek his help and forgiveness. We seek refuge to Allah from the evils that we can see and from the consequences from our evil deeds who so ever Allah grants his guidance will never be let astray and who so ever he leaves astray will never find guidance and I atest that there is no God whether thee I worship except Allah who has no partners and I atest that Muhammad peace be upon him is his final slave and messenger, messenger of peace, the messenger of the greatest mercy, the messenger of east, the messenger of the late and early. He said,

I left with you two things you will not deviate from the correct path as long as you holdon these two things Allah’s book and my sunnah.

I did some research do you know how many Muslims there are all around the world? and I found that oh yes there is an increase in the Islamic relligion. 2.1 billion Muslims all over the world and guess what? 85 – 90 percent of them follow both the Quran and The Sunnah which means that 1 billion 8 hundred and 90 million are InshaAllah on the correct path. They follow The Quran and The Sunnah, but for every good news there is a bad news and the bad news is that 200 and 10 million of these muslims the 2.1 billions are on the wrong path either follow The Quran they don’t follow The sunnah or they follow The sunnah and don’t follow The Quran and amongst these individuals are groups of people, they say we only believe in The Quran and don’t believe in The sunnah. We don’t follow any of the Ahadeeth (we don’t follow The sunnah) we follow only The Quran and this is a problem they call themselves Al-Quraniun.

But guess what? for every problem there is a solution right! I found the solution in the glorious Quran Allah says, “And we have sent down to you o Muhammad PBUH this reminder (Quran) so that you may explain it to the people so that they may think about it.” Reminder is the Quran and explaination is the Sunnah, so we follow both The Quran and The Sunnah.

You know I was on a plane few months ago to USA and prayed Salatul Juma’h in NW city, now realize how they pray is completely different than we pray. They have a khutbah then they pray four rakaat then they have another khutbah then salatul juma’h. The sad thing is that there are groups and individuals that deviate from the correct path and Prophet Mohammad PBUH warned us about these people and he said, ” My nation will divide into 73 teams, all of them will go to the hell fire except for one team. Companions asked him O Messenger of Allah who will this one team those are proctecd from the hell fire, who is this one team going to Jannah. He replied, ” it will be those people who completely follow me and my companions ” The Quran and The Sunnah”.

One day I got into a debate with a man he is a Qurani, he only believes in The Quran. He does not believe in the sunnah, he says, “why should I believe in the sunnah”, Allah sent the Quran to us and he says: ” He have not neglected any thing in this book “, so why i should follow The sunnah. He wanted me to prove to him that we should follow The Quran and The sunnah both.

I never ever had debate with a man like this, so I did research hours and hours to find a verse in the glorious Quran that can prove my point because if I bring a hadith he will not believe because he does not even believe in the sunnah, so i found this verse in the glorious Quran; Allah says, ” whenever The messenger has given you take it and whenever he has forbidden avoid it”, but he couldn’t believe. I got another verse in the glorious Quran, ” say o Muhammad PBUH to the people if you love Allah then follow me. He still didn’t believe, then I got another verse, I thought this one make him believe “He who obeys the messenger, has surely obeyed Allah” but sill he didn’t believe. You know these people are putting themselves in confusion and they are confusing others as well. They deviat themselves and they deviat others with them.

{xtypo_quote}Sunnah explains the Quran. Quran asks to perform actions and Sunnah tells How, Why, When and Where to perform these actions.{/xtypo_quote}

Let alone these Quraniouns, you know what in that story actually reminds me day during the Prophet Muhammad PBUH a man name Imran bin Hussain, he was the a companion of Prophet PBUH. One day he was teaching his Shifa’a into a session and he was teaching about things that was realy does not mention in the Quran. A man came to him and asked, ” why are you teaching me things that is not in the Quran. Imran got really very angry and he said, ” did you read the Quran?.  The man said yes. He said does he say in the Quran how many raka zohar is , say in the Quran how many raka Asr is, etc, does it say in the Quran how much we should pay zaka. The man said no. He said, where did you get this information, didn’t you get this information from me and didn’t I get this information from Prophet PBUH and didn’t Allah mention in the Quran whatever the messenger of Allah give take it and whatever he forbid avoid it.

Lets talk about the sunnies and who may that be you and I. Lets talk about us. Haven’t you realize most of us sunnies do not follow the sunnah as it should be followed. Look around and I don’t need to affect anybody you are all my brothers and I’m your younger brother here but look around how many of us actually have beards; Very few. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH he used to have a beard, if we grow the beard we follow him, Right!, So why do shave your beard because my boss doesn’t like this, because my wife doesn’t like this. Ok, how about the shorter thoob, The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing upon him He used to wear a shorter thoob but people are wearing thoob so long it looks like a wedding dress why? You want me to wear a shorter thoob so people can laugh at me but why are we worried about what the people will think what the people will say. We shouldn’t be worry about these things we should worry about what Allah will think. We should aboye Allah by following the messenger of Allah PBUH.

How come, if you travel around and you see the kuffar the disbelievers they not ashamped to commit zinah on the streets that we are ashamped to make salah in the streets. They are not ashamped to drink alcohal in the streets but we are ashamped to say Allaho akbar in the streets. why? If i’m going to say about the sunnies we are going to sit here till tomorrow, so leave it aside for a little bit.

Lets back to the Quraniyon now the Quraniyon. What do you know about the Prophet Muhammad PBUH he was a man of genoracity, he was a man who came to fight animosity, he was a saviour who was sent to save you, he didn’t play he didn’t wasten he didn’t fake friend, he didn’t make sin, but what he did he was to sent to make men, so why shouldn’t I follow The Sunnah. Yes we follow the Sunnah we don’t follow all the Ahadeeth, but we follow what is true of the Ahadeeth. Don’t you know that the scholars of all the times, greater scholars have classified the different Ahadeeth base upon how true and false they are.

There is hadith sahih, hadith hasan, hadith modo’, hadith daeef, and we only follow the true one, not all of them. Then there is hadith moqoof, hadith marfoh, hadith maqtoh, and we only follow the true one, not all of them. Then you have hadith aziz, hadith gareeb, hadith mashhoor, these all are under Ahaad, then you have hadith mutawatir and we only follow the true one, not all of them.

So we follow what The Quran and The Sunnah. Any thing that contradicts with Quran isn’t the Sunnah. The Sunnah fulfills the Quran, The Sunnah completes the Quran. The Quran is the followed book the Allah has revealed there will be no book after this, the Quran has answer to all your questions it has solutions {xtypo_quote_right}Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, I left with you two things you will not deviate from the correct path as long as you holdon these two things Allah’s book and my sunnah. {/xtypo_quote_right} of all of your problems. It is helper the needy, it is light for the believer and it is darkness for who disbelieves. The Sunnah is the explanation of the Quran. The Quran tells you to pray the Sunnah tells how to pray, the Quran tells you to eat halaal, the Sunnah tells you how to eat halaal, the Quran tells you to pay zakah, the Sunnah tells you how to pay zaka. The Quran tells you to do things the Sunnah tells you how, why, when, and where.

As muslims we are required to follow both the Quran and the Sunnah and you choose only to follow one then you will come on the day of Qiyama, the day of reserruction biting your hands. Allah says, the oppressor on the day of qiyama will bite both of his hands, he will not bite his fingers, he will not bite two of his fingers he will not bite one of his hands he will bite both of his hands imagine this for the intensive fear and he will say I wish that I follow the messenger I wish I didn’t follow the falan falan, it will be too late to reach the gate because he decreased his faith with these debates.

The prophet PBUH said who ever lives after me will see many differences so I argue to follow my Sunnah and Sunnah of khalifa those who come after me hold on to it tightly and bind it firmly. I want you to think about if you not completely follow the sunnah I want you to think about grown your beard follow the Messenger of Allah PBUH follow his way shorten your thoob who cares what the people think, go ahead obey Allah and obey his Messenger follow the role model, the role model the real leader because the Quran is the plane to jannah and the Sunnah is the pilot to that plane, and if you follow it you will comprehened that your life has a title a litghting guiding servent of Allah.

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