Come unto you a light from Allah

Allah Most High has said, “…Now hath come unto you a light from Allah and plain Scripture.” (Quran 5:15)

Imam Tabari says in his famous Tafsir:  “…’There has come to you a Light from Allah.’ He means by the Light: Muhammad (ﷺ) by means of whom Allah has illuminated the truth, brought forth Islam, and obliterated idolatry. Therefore he (the Prophet) is a light for those who have been enlightened by him and by his exposition of truth.”

And Imam Suyuti says in his famous Tafsir Jalalayn: “What is meant by ‘a light’ is Muhammad (ﷺ).”

We are in the month of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). This month brings a good opportunity to start to learn, ponder or revise on the Life & Character of the Prophet (ﷺ).

Source: MuslimVillage

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