What is Qadiyanism (or so-called Ahmadiya)? and difference between qadiyani and other disbelievers

Qadiyanism is a movement started in a town called Qadiyan in India by a man called Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1839 – 1908). Initially, he declared himself as a Muslim writer; then he announced himself as a revivalist (Mujaddid); in 1891, he claimed to be the Promised Mehdi and the Promised Messiah; in 1901, and he proclaimed himself a prophet of God!

In 1914 a split took place in the Qadiyani group with the accession of Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad, the 2nd successor; over definitions of doctrines forming the mainstream of Qadiani group. They are respectively known as Qadiani and Lahori sects. Both Qadianis group fraudulently claim to be one of the Muslim sects but infact they are unrighteous cult, kafir and non-muslim. Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani died on 26th May 1908 in Lahore (Pakistan) through illness being a victim of cholera. Mirza Ghulam was buried in a village of Qadiyan.

You know that wine is prohibited in Shari’at. Drinking wine, manufacturing and selling it are all prohibited, i.e., ‘Haram.’ Similarly, you know that a pig is filthy and impure. Selling its meat which is called pork and its eating, giving or conveying are absolute prohibitions, i.e., ‘Harame Mutlaq.’ Everyone is aware of these precepts.

Now imagine a situation: A man sells wine and calls it wine. Another man also sells wine but pastes a label of ‘Zam-Zam’ on the bottle, i.e., he is selling wine under the name of ‘Zam-Zam’. Both persons are criminals but who is a greater criminal? You know the answer.

Take another example: There is a butcher who is selling pork. He sells it as such. Clearly he says this is pork. Whosoever wants to buy may buy it. Certainly he is a criminal in Shari’at for selling pork. Against this is a person who sells pork but calls it mutton. Now both these persons have committed a crime in Islamic Law; but sky-high is the difference in the nature of the offence between the two. One sells ‘Unlawful,’ i.e., ‘Haram’ calling it ‘Unlawful,’ Haram. The other sells ‘Unlawful’ Haram, calling it ‘Lawful’, i.e. ‘Halal.’ Anybody, unawares, could fall into his trap and eat ‘Unlawful-Haram’ pork thinking it to be ‘Lawful-Halal’ mutton.

Thus the difference between a butcher selling pork as mutton and a butcher selling pork as pork is precisely the difference between a qadiyani and other Non-Muslim such as Jew, Christian and Hindu, etc. ‘Kufr’ is ‘Kufr’ in both cases because it is negation of Islam. But ‘Kafirs’ of the world do not put label of Islam on their ‘Kufr’ and do not propagate their ‘Kufr’ as Islam. A qadiyani, on the other hand, puts a label of Islam on his ‘Kufr’ and deceives Muslims by saying this is Islam.

Kufr’ is of several kinds but three are very obvious. The three categories are Unbelievers; (Kafir); Hypocrites: (Munafiq); and Dualist-Infidel: (Zindiq) and qadiyani lays in the last category, Dualist-Infidel (Zindiq).


Taken from: http://www.khatmenubuwwat.org/ and www.khatm-e-nubuwwat.com

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