Seventy companions R.A from the Ansaar Pledge their Assistance in the Valley of Aqaba

Hadhrat Jaabir رضی اللہ عنہ– narrates that during the ten years that Rasulullaah  lived in Makkah (after announcing his Nabuwaat), He  would visit people at the places where they stayed during the
seasons of Hajj. This was at the market places of Ukaaz and Majinna. He
  would ask the people, “Who will give me asylum? Who will assist me so that I could propagate the message of my Rabb?

Whoever does this shall receive Jannah.” However, He  found none to grant him asylum and assistance. However, (instead of assisting him) matters reached such a low ebb that when a person from Yemen or from the Mudhar tribe left (for Makkah), the people of his tribe and his relatives would say to him, “Beware that the man from the Quraysh does not get you into trouble.” People even pointed at Rasulullaah  as he passed between their camps.

Hadhrat Jaabir رضی اللہ عنہ continues, “This situation prevailed until Allaah sent us (the Ansaar) to Him from Yathrrb. We offered Him asylum and believed in Him. Whenever a person from us left (for Makkah), he would believe in Rasulullaah who would recite the Qur’aan to him. He  would then return to his family (in Madinah) and they would all accept Islaam by virtue of his Islaam. Eventually there was scarcely a family from the Ansaar that did not have a group of Muslims who made their Islaam public.”

Hadhrat Jaabir رضی اللہ عنہ says further that they all then discussed with each other saying, “Until when will we leave Rasulullaah  to call on people, to be kicked about in the mountains of Makkah and face the threats of others?” Seventy men of the Ansaar rode off and met Rasulullaah  during the Hajj season. After agreeing to meet at the valley of Aqaba, they arrived there one-by-one and in twos until they were all present. They then asked, “0 Rasulullaah To what should we pledge allegiance at your hands?”

{xtypo_quote}Rasulullaah  replied, “You should pledge that you would always listen and obey (instructions) whether your hearts are willing or not. You should also pledge that you would spend during times of hardship and ease and that you would command good and forbid evil. In addition to this, you should pledge that you would speak for (the pleasure of) Allaah and will not fear the criticism of a critic when it concerns (the Deen/commands of) Allaah. You should also pledge that you would assist me and when I come to you, you should protect me as you would protect your own lives, wives and children. If you comply, you shall have Jannah.”{/xtypo_quote}

The Ansaar then stood before Rasulullaah  and Hadhrat As’ad bin Zuraarah رضی اللہ عنہwho was among the youngest present there, took hold of Rasulullaah  hand. According to the narration of Bayhaqi, Jaabir ! said that Hadhrat As’ad رضی اللہ عنہ– was the youngest after him. Hadhrat As’ad رضی اللہ عنہ then said to them, “Take it easy, 0 people of Yathrib! We have undertaken this journey only because we are convinced that He  is the Nabi of Allaah. Taking him away will signal the enmity of all the Arabs, the killing of the best of you and swords will then make pieces of you. If you people can endure this, then take Rasulullaah  away and you will receive your reward from Allaah. However, if you have some fears then leave him and make yourselves clear, this will be a better way of excusing yourselves before Allaah.”

The others said, “Make way, 0 As’ad! By Allaah! We shall never forsake this pledge of allegiance and no one can ever make us do so!” The Ansaar then pledged their allegiance to Rasulullaah Rasulullaah  took some promises from them and informed them of their responsibilities, in exchange for which they would attain Jannah.

Hadhrat Ka’b bin Maalik رضی اللہ عنہ!narrates that when they (the Ansaar) gathered in the valley (of Aqaba), they waited for Rasulullaah  until he arrived with Hadhrat Abbaas رضی اللہ عنہ bin Abdil Muttalib !Although Hadhrat Abbaas رضی اللہ عنہ as then still following the religion of his people, he wished to be present with his nephew and take sureties (from the Ansaar) on his behalf. When Rasulullaah  sat down, the first to speak was Hadhrat Abbaas رضی اللہ عنہ,. He said, “0 assembly of the Khazraj! As you well know, Muhammad ﷺ is one of us and we have been shielding him against people who share our opinion about him (people who have not accepted lslaam as we have not). He enjoys respect amongst his people and protection in his city. However, he has made up his mind to move to you and join forces with you. If you feel that you will be able to fulfil the claim you have made to him and that you will protect him from his enemies, then I leave you to your responsibility. On the other hand, if you feel that you may surrender him to his enemies and betray him after he has come to you, then leave him now, for he enjoys respect amongst his people and protection in his city.”

{xtypo_quote}The Ansaar said, ‘We have heard what you have to say.” Addressing Rasulullaah they said, “0 Rasulullaah Take from us whatever promises you require for yourself and for your Rabb.”{/xtypo_quote}

Rasulullaah  then addressed them, recited the Qur’aan, gave Da’wah towards Allaah and encouraged them to be steadfast in Islaam. Rasulullaah  then said, “I wish you to pledge that you will protect me just as you would protect you wives and children.” Hadhrat Baraa bin Ma’roor رضی اللہ عنہ took hold of Rasulullaah’s ﷺ hand and said, “Certainly! I swear by the Being Who’has sent you with the truth that we shall definitely protect you just as we protect our families. Do accept our pledge of allegiance. By Allaah! We are the children of war and have inherited war from generation to generation.”

As Hadhrat Baraa رضی اللہ عنہspoke, Hadhrat Abul Haytham رضی اللہ عنہ bin Tayyihaan ! interrupted by saying, “0 Rasulullaah We have a long-standing relationship with some people viz the Jews. We shall now (for your sake) be severing this relationship. Could it be that we do this and then when Allaah gives you victory, you would return to your people and leave us?” Rasulullaah  smiled and said, “My blood is yours, my grave shall be with yours for I am from you and you are from me. I shall fight those whom you fight and make peace with those with whom you make peace.”


Al Bidaaya wan Nihaaya
The lives of the sahaba R.A


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