Sahaba (Companions) of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Without a doubt, the lifestyle and history of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his companions are among the most powerful sources providing strength of Imaan and love for the Deen. The Ummah and the call towards Deen has always been drawing sparks of Imaan from these sources and it is by this that the embers of their hearts have been kept burning.

However, these embers are being quickly extinguished in the gale force winds of worldly love. Once they are extinguished, this Ummah will lose its might, its identity and its influence over others. It will then become a mere corpse which life will carry along on its shoulders.

The biographies of the companions of Prophet contain the history of men who accepted the invitation of Islam when it was presented to them. Their hearts testified to its truth and all they said when they were called towards Allaah and His messenger was,

“Our Rabb, we have certainly heard the caller (Prophet) calling to Imaan (saying), ‘Believe in your Rabb!’ so we believed in”.

They placed their hands in the hands of Muhammad and it became easy for them to sacrifice their lives, their wealth and their families. They then began to find pleasure in the difficulties and hardships that afflicted them in the course of calling others towards Allaah. In this manner, conviction permeated their hearts and gained mastery over their bodies and their minds. They displayed the wonderful belief in the unseen, undying love for Allaah and his messenger, compassion for the Mu’mineen and sternness towards the Kuffaar.

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