Muhammad The Messenger of God and the Law of Blasphemy

The Muslim Ummah owes its unity and integrity to its strong belief in Islam and commitments to the message of the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him). The entire body of religious and social of Islam rests on a deep rooted love and veneration for the personality of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

According to the Quran the Divine Law, represented by the word of Quran and model example of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), must always be above each and every decision. This unconditional and unqualified submission to the verdict given by the Prophet (peace be upon him) is the primary pre-requisite of being a Muslim.


This necessitates that the honour and dignity of the Prophet of Islam must be protected at all costs and no effort to put his sublime personality into dispute or disrespect should be tolerated.

Any move to revile his sacred name or to insult his beloved conduct is considered High Treason. That is why from the days of the First Caliph upto our own times, it has almost unanimously been held by the Muslims that any blashphemous act or utterance towards the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) is liable to capital punishment.

Throughout Muslim history, the las of land provided death punishment for the perpetrators of this crime. Even during the days of so-called liberal and enlightened Mughal Emperor, Jalaluddin Akbar, the law provided death as the only punishment for this serious offence.

Unfortunately, under the influence of the secular liberal democracy of the west, a small minority in our country has been raising voices against the provision of blasphemy in our law.

By Muhammad Ismail Qureshy

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